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Today I’m getting organised. My first Blog!

I am pleased to say I have written a book called ‘Foxley Manor and the Evil Professor’ and it is, at last, for sale on Amazon.uk/.com/.de

I say at last because I thought I’d never publish it. I haven’t been writing for a few years, due to various obstacles fate likes to throw at us now and again, and then life passes us by so quickly and we wonder where the years went. As I have an obsessive streak about projects I’m involved in, no, not the damaging kind of obsession as in psycho obsessive bunny boiler, a positive obsession, where I enjoy and want to finish a project and I want to do it well. In other words I am like a pitbull dog with a ball. Have you ever tried to retrieve a ball from a pitbull? Don’t bother! The pitbull will hang onto it as if his life depended on him doing so. Believe me, I have tried. No amount of sweet-talking, treat offering, pleading or screaming out of frustration will persuade the dog to let go. That’s me when I’m working on something, and I was determined to complete my book before another ten years flew by, in what will seem like a few weeks, or is that just me?

So today I’m getting organized. I have set-up a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and now a Blog page. This is all new to me; my networking etiquette is all trial and error. So if I make some networking boo-boos, bear with me. Most importantly, follow me! Not in a stalking way, a friendly way, tell me what you would like to do before it’s too late.

Also today I’ll be getting my new reading glasses, so hopefully I won’t have to strain my eyes staring at this small screen. Well my screen is small, as I work on a small laptop. I wonder if it’s ruining my eyes. I only started to need glasses after working endlessly on this laptop. Word or warning, get your eyes tested. You may think your eye sight is fine, but you don’t know what’s going on behind your eyeballs! For peace of mind, have them checked.

P.s. A pitbull dog, is a lovely, intelligent dog. It’s the owners who are at fault. If you own a dog of any breed, think of it as a three year old child. It won’t understand everything you say, no matter how many times you say or shout it. It won’t always understand when it’s done wrong. We are expecting an animal to understand us, when we don’t fully understand them. So please be calm and be patient. Don’t hit, beat, eat or fight your dog. Give him love and kindness, and in return your dog will be the best friend you’ll ever have. I miss my best friend, Nelson, a pitbull. He passed away last year. Nine wonderful years I was lucky to have him as a friend. He was my buddy, my hero, my very own comedian. God bless dear Nelly-Nelson, love you, always thinking of you x


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