Eve, a ten year old tomboy who’d rather eat bugs than wear a dress, and her best friend Tom, a nine year old little prankster are both from south London. Their amazing, yet risky adventure begins during the summer holidays when they agree to do a good deed and look for a missing cat. Their investigation leads them to Foxley manor house, an old eerie place known to be haunted. Upon meeting the unusual owner, their voyage though time to a mystical kingdom called Cryptocrystalline is destined, and when a wicked sorceress is accidentally unleashed by the King’s sorcerer, they offer to help foil her plan to take over the Kingdom.

Meanwhile back in London whilst Eve and Tom are travelling back and forth through time, the evil professor Duff is on an unstoppable mission to find and capture them. He is curious to find out what exactly, do the children know about time travel.

This is a journey that will change their lives forever…

This is a first edition by a new author. It is being released here, through Amazon, for the first time on Kindle. This copy has been signed by the author.


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